Kluitmann Industrietechnik

Founded in 1991, we at Kluitmann Industrietechnik have established ourselves as a manufacturer of innovative tools for the pipe fittings area and industry. Since the switch at the top of the company, we have succeeded in introducing constant improvements in terms of quality and service.

A move to bigger premises in the industrial zone of Kranenburg-Nütterden became necessary in 1999 to keep pace with the growth and create optimum production conditions.

In May 2002 we were certified under DIN EN ISO 9001 and can now back up our customers with a cleverly devised quality management system.

As a manufacturer of products that are intended to make the work in many areas safer and simpler, we attach great value to first-class quality. For that reason, our tools undergo several checks before they go to our customers and European dealers. All SIGA safety wrenches bear the GS mark for tested safety. In the area of safety wrenches we develop customized concepts for individual customer needs.

Our certification under DIN EN ISO 9001 guarantees you optimum quality.

Corporate philosophy

Quality means meeting requirements

The quality demands placed on us externally, or which we set ourselves internally, can only be met over the long term by the quality awareness of all employees in the company.

Our quality philosophy must be clear to all the company’s partners

It is the task of the management to realise the company’s goals with the help of the management system. Setting personal examples and a cooperative leadership style are essential requirements here to demonstrate and support our quality awareness internally and externally.

All employees are responsible for quality

With the results of their own work, all employees are at the same time suppliers and customers. They themselves are responsible for the quality of their output.

Working conditions

Continuous improvement focuses on the following aspects of our everyday work:
  • Productive and motivating working conditions
  • Responsible structuring of occupational safety and health protection
  • Support for every employee through an open and fair working atmosphere
  • Teamwork based on mutual trust and respect
  • Personal commitment, individual involvement, integrity and reliability of every employee

Quality management means secure jobs

The management system at Kluitmann Industrietechnik Handels GmbH is a long-term process of further development that contributes to cost reductions in the company and thus improves its competitiveness.

Quality policy


We intend to produce convincing quality through qualified employees, through qualified suppliers with modern equipment and our own efficient processes, and by doing so be the best possible partner for our customers. We realise the needs and expectations of our customers and guarantee complete fulfilment of the demands placed on us. In doing so we strive for 100% satisfaction among our customers.


The management promotes the motivation of our employees to produce high performance and develops an open atmosphere in a spirit of partnership for high quality work based on the corporate philosophy.


Our employees are the key resource for our company, so we develop and foster the skills and performance of all employees.

Senior management

The senior management ensures that the management system can achieve the results expected of it. In the event of deviations, measures are taken as part of the continuous improvement process to correct the errors and their causes or reduce them to an acceptable minimum. The top management also ensures that all legal and other requirements are realised. The board and management group undertake to plan and take the required measures and activities with regard to risk management to deal with risks and opportunities and to evaluate the effectiveness of those measures.


With our products based on the latest state of technology, we intend to be a powerful partner for our customers.

Continuous improvement

Our activities are defined by the rules on continuous improvement to optimise all business processes. Every employee is responsible for the quality of their work. The top management and all employees are constantly improving all processes for further development of the quality and services.


The planned cost structure, which is based on optimum utilization of the capacities and smart processes, improves our profitability and results in successful improvement of our market position as a powerful partner for our customers.

Environment & community

We contribute to sustainable social development and promote economic growth through our activities. We maintain and protect our environment through compliance with the legal and official provisions on occupational health & safety protection.