as a particulary cost-efficient standard basic model


for higher demands with a rubber handle and extension protection


if required, coated with spark-reduced metal alloy; with a rubber handle and extension protection


designed specifically for danger zones and made of spark-free metal with rubber a handle and extension protection


Unscrews restistant fittings in the twingkling of an eye!

SIGA Safety Wrenches are tools of maximum quality. Slip-safe in their use, work-optiizing and time saving.

Due to a well-balanced range of various wrench sizes and types, you will always have the correct wrench for each and every hand fitting.
TÜV-certivied and marked with the "certified safety" logo.

For your individual requirements, we offer four SIGA wrench types in the following designs:

SizeDN/mmLength (mm) AWidth (mm) B/C/DWeight (g)
00 10-50 240 270 200
0 25-80 250 280 250
1 50-100 300 340 600
2 125-250 400 450 1000
3 250-400 550 620 1600
4 350-900 750 830 2150

Only the KIT engraving proves that you have the original SIGA Safety Wrench.